Tuesday, October 7, 2008

11th Hour: The Elephant in the Room

Democratic Spine ©2008 Emily Duffy Photo by Sibila Savage

"It's the Eleventh Hour....these are the last days before the historic presidential election, and there's no better way to inspire yourself to vote than viewing some great political art.

Our featured artist, Emily Duffy, has spent the last year creating this show. It is part of a nation-wide exhibit of political art sponsored by Art of Democracy (artofdemocracy.org) and we are proud to be showing it here in Joshua Tree.

So please join us for a Gallery Crawl with Red Arrow Gallery on Saturday, Oct. 11, 7-10 pm. We'll have a bunch of art cars outside the True World, and food and drink inside. And don't forget to vote!"

Bonnie Kopp
True World Gallery
61740 29 Palms Highway
Joshua Tree, CA 92252
(760) 366-2300


Art is Moving said...

Congrats on the Show! I am part of the blog Art is Moving and I would love to interview you about your political art. If this is something you are willing to do, please email me artismoving@gmail.com or visit our site and leave a comment. Also, I see that you live in the Northern, CA area and am wondering if you want to be part of a political art show in January of 2009. That will be held at The Red Door Gallery and Collective in Oakland, CA. Would love to have as many female political artists as we can get!


Emily Duffy said...

Thanks Lauren,

I'm pretty swamped right now working for MoveOn but I'd be happy to talk to you after the election if you still think it'll be of interest to folks. Just send me an email at politicalartwork [at] hotmail [dot] com when this thing is over! Thanks for checking out my work.